Barcelona Airport Taxi
Barcelona Airport Taxi
Barcelona Airport Taxi

Barcelona Airport Taxi

When arriving to the Barcelona airport you may find yourself in need of transportation to the city center or your accommodation. Luckily the airport has a plethora of taxis that provide a quick and easy way to get around town. This guide will help give you all the information you need to know about Barcelona airport taxis and transportation.

Barcelona Airport Taxi
Tourists and visitors of Barcelona airport waiting for the taxi car in queue

Where to Get a Taxi at the Barcelona Airport

When you arrive into Barcelona you’ll be in either Terminal 1 (T1) or Terminal 2 (T2). Once you arrive and go to baggage claim, follow the signage to the transportation and taxi area which will be clearly marked in multiple languages as well as a car/bus icon. Once you arrive to the taxi rank there will be a queue where you can wait until a taxi arrives.

Cost of a Barcelona Airport Taxi

The cost of your journey from the Barcelona airport to your end destination is dependent upon the distance (km) and the time of travel. The farther you go, the higher your cost and daytime hours are more expensive than evening hours. However it is important to note that there is a minimum charge of €20 on taxis from the airport and this amount must be paid regardless if you’re going 1 km or 15 km. Typically a fare from the airport to the city center is running anywhere from €30 – €35. There is also a €1 per item of luggage that is stored in the trunk as well as a €3.10 service fee.

  • BCN Airport taxis have a minimum charge of €20.
  • You have to pay €1 per item of luggage
  • There is a €3.10 service fee
  • The estimate cost from airport to the downtown is running anywhere from €30 – €39.

Private Barcelona Airport Taxi Transfers

If you’d prefer to pre-book a private taxi or shuttle service to collect you from the airport, there are several options. Most offer bilingual drivers who will meet you in baggage claim and help with your luggage to the waiting car. While the cost may be the same or a bit higher than a traditional taxi, there is a peace of mind knowing your transportation is set and waiting for you upon arrival.

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Barcelona Airport Taxis

Barcelona Airport Taxi FAQ

No. You must proceed to the taxi rank and wait in the queue in order to get a taxi. If you are in need of a special taxi (wheelchair accessible, larger taxi etc.) notify the taxi rank assistant and they will help flag down the correct vehicle for your needs.

The cost depends on the time of day and the distance traveled, but an average ride from the airport to the city center runs anywhere from €30 - €35.


Currently ride sharing apps like Lyft and Uber are not available in Barcelona. However keep up to date on the latest information regarding Lyft’s and Uber’s availability by checking their website as the rules and regulations are always changing.

Yes! Airports are always a hub for taxis. You can grab a taxi from outside of Terminal 1 (T1) and Terminal 2 (T2). From here you’ll be able to direct your driver to your final destination.

As a good rule of thumb always ask before getting into a taxi whether they accept credit card. While many taxi services do have credit card processing machines, some only take cash and have limited change.

Yes, once you arrive in the Barcelona airport you’ll be able to catch a taxi from outside of Terminal 1 (T1) or Terminal 2 (T2) to the Port de Barcelona. It’s approximately 14 kilometers from Terminal 2 and 17 kilometers from Terminal 1, putting the one way trip at approximately €39.

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Barcelona Airport

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