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All You Need To Know About Hotels Near Barcelona Airport

Tourists are flocking to Barcelona, which is the biggest city and the capital of Catalonia, an autonomous Spanish community. They come for the great weather and huge range of activities, and it’s a popular destination year-round. What helps the tourist industry is the fact that Josep Tarradellas Barcelona–El Prat Airport, simply known as Barcelona Airport, has such wonderful connections to other countries throughout Europe and across the globe.

If you’re flying into Barcelona for work or pleasure, you’ll need a place to stay and will have to decide between a hotel in the city center or a hotel that’s closer to the airport.

The hotels nearest to Barcelona Airport are roughly a five to 10 minute drive away. But the airport itself is only about a 30 to 35 minute taxi ride from the city center if you have landed at Terminal 1, or between 20 and 25 minutes if you have landed at Terminal 2. You will have a greater variety of hotels to choose from if you stay in the city. However, some people need to have a hotel as close to the airport as possible, and this guide is for those travelers.

Sleep & Fly  (Inside Barcelona Airport)

Is located in Terminal 1, in the pre-secure zone of the 1st floor, by the Business Centre. This 24-hour hotel has 9 rooms and 1 suite. Rooms include double bed, private bathroom, flat screen TV, telephone, robe and slippers, and additional amenities. Rooms are available overnight or for day use (3-6 hours) between 10:00AM – 6:00PM

Sallés Hotels Ciutat del Prat

This hotel has great facilities if you like to exercise while on travel, because it offers a gym and an indoor pool as well as a sauna. The rooms are all decorated in a very modern style, and there’s a restaurant on site where you can try some local specialties.

Address: Av. Remolar 46, 08820, Barcelona

Telephone number: +34 933 788 333

Tryp Barcelona Aeropuerto Hotel

Rooms here are decorated in very simple but inviting shades of blue and white, and the furniture and other fitting are all of high quality. It’s an affordable place to stay and the hotel boasts a beautiful atrium where you can relax while reading one of the free books you can borrow.

Address: Parque De Negocios Mas Blau II, 08820, El Prat de Llobregat

Telephone number: +34 933 781 000

Renaissance Barcelona Hotel

Part of the Marriott chain of hotels, this venue features the high quality accommodations expected of that international business. Rooms tend to be a little more expensive here than other options, but in exchange you get superior accommodations and on-site amenities.

Address: Pl. volateria, 3, 8820, El Prat de Llobregat

Telephone number: +34 933 783 200

Best Western Plus Hotel Alfa Aeropuerto

If you stay here you’ll get a very reasonable balance between an affordable room and decent quality of furnishings. There are also many good services at the hotel, including a restaurant, gym, indoor pool, and a sauna to help you relax after or before your flight.

Address: Zona Franca Calle K, 08040, Barcelona

Telephone number: +34 933 362 564

Getting From Barcelona Airport To Nearby Hotels

It’s important to know that although there are several good quality hotels located near to Barcelona Airport, it’s not possible to get there from the airport on foot. That’s because the route between the two locations covers some very busy public roads that you don’t want to walk on.

Hotel shuttle buses

Perhaps the simplest option to get to your hotel from the airport is to use the free shuttle buses that the hotels provide to get you from the airport to your accommodation and back.

Most of the hotels that are located near Barcelona Airport offer their guests this free service. A few of the hotels have a shuttle that will service the route between the airport and the hotel regularly throughout the day at the same times. You can call your hotel to find out if this is the case, and if so to get the schedule for the bus. However, some hotels require that you give them a call ahead of your arrival to ask for the shuttle service so they can come to pick you up.

If your flight has landed in Terminal 1 at Barcelona Airport then, after you have your bags, to catch the hotel shuttle bus you should follow the signs to the Parking G section of the car park to board the shuttle. It should only take you a few minutes to reach the bus from Terminal 1.

If your flight has landed in Terminal 2, you’ll need to proceed outside and stand by the areas marked either T2A or T2C where the shuttle buses stop to pick up and drop off passengers. There are signs with the names of the hotels on them so you’ll know where to wait.

Please note that not all hotel shuttles run 24 hours a day, and if that’s the case then your only other option to get from the airport to your hotel will be to pay for a taxi.


As an alternative to taking the free hotel shuttle buses, you can also ride in a taxi to get to your accommodation. But note that taxis will cost you money, and all taxis will charge a minimum fare of €20 regardless of how close your hotel is to the airport. If your hotel is very near the airport then you will be spending a lot of money to travel a short distance.

That’s why it’s generally recommended that you should ask your hotel to see whether they are providing free shuttle buses to and from the airport, as well as their hours of operation. If they are not running 24 hours you will have to take a taxi if you flight arrives outside of the free shuttle bus hours of operation, because there’s no other way to get to your hotel.

If you do find yourself with no choice but to take a taxi, once you’ve landed at Barcelona Airport and have collected your luggage follow the signs for the taxi waiting area. There you can join the queue and take the next available taxi to get to your hotel.

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