Barcelona Airport Aerobus

Barcelona Airport Aerobus

For less than six euros you can be in the city center in 35 minutes. This is the fastest way to reach the city by public transport. It is spacious, has plenty of room for luggage storage and free Wi-fi to top it off.

The shuttle runs regularly year round, and stops in both terminals. It conveniently takes riders to Place de Catalunya, the most central spot in the city center. There are three stops along the way: Pl Espanya, Gran Via-Urgell and Pl Universitat.

There are two shuttles, A1 from T1, and A2 from T2.

Aerobus A1 : transfer Terminal 1 Airport to Barcelona city center. Bus leaves one floor below the T1 Arrivals hall.

Aerobus A2 : transfer from Terminal 2 Airport to Barcelona city center. Bus leaves from the left of the T2 Arrivals hall.

Terminal T1 (Airport) – Pl. Catalunya (Barcelona)

  • From 06.10 h to 07.30 h every 10 min
  • From 07.30 h to 22.25 h every 5 min
  • From 22.25 h to 01.05 h every 10 min

Terminal T2 (Airport) – Pl. Catalunya (Barcelona)

  • From 06.00 h to 07.00 h every 20 min
  • From 07.00 h to 23.00 h every 10 min
  • From 23.00 h to 01.00 h every 20 min

You can buy your ticket online, in one of the ATMs in the airport, or on the bus (cash only with this option and no large bills accepted).

Barcelona Airport

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